We Like Golf, but Hate this Proposed Rule

When we first saw the Modernized Rules, we were excited! We really, really like almost all of the proposed changes, and support the USGA and R&A in making them.

But one proposed rules change just sticks out like a sore thumb, and honestly, we feel the USGA and R&A have simply missed the boat.

They want to remove the penalty for striking the flagstick with a ball putted from on the putting green.

They seem to think this will speed up play while simultaneously not affecting the ease or difficulty in making putts whatsoever.

We know better!

Everything we've seen to date that rises above anecdotal evidence says that it's easier to make putts and keep them close to the hole when the flagstick is left in.

This proposed rule would significantly alter the game of golf as we know it! It will reduce the skill required to make a three to six foot putt, or to two-putt from 30 or 40 feet.

So we launched this website, as well as a change.org petition. Follow this site. Share it with your buddies on Twitter and Facebook. Sign the petition.